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Meals on Wheels is a program that is designed to help people over 60 who face challenges in preparing health adequate meals due to such situations as advancing age, hospital recovery or physical disability.  Any person over 60 who experiences “Food Insecurity”, is unable to participate in the noon time meal available at the Brattleboro Senior Center or has a spouse who is eligible for meals on wheels will qualify for the program.  BSM also serves participants who are under 60 that are funded through Vermont Center for Independent Living.


The program in Brattleboro is a full time program that runs five days a week.  Most recipients receive meals five times a week, although in certain rural areas, delivery is not possible on every week day. In these instances, frozen meals are available. Delivery takes place prior to the noon hour and is completed by volunteers. Current areas served by Brattleboro Senior Meals include :05301, 05354 and parts of  05344 and 05346. This represents the towns of Brattleboro, West Brattleboro, Guilford, Dummerston, Marlboro and Vernon.


The menu is set up a month in advance by the staff at Brattleboro Senior Meals.  It is reviewed by a dietician for compliance with the Guidelines for The Older Americans Act. Each meal is designed to meet the nutritional guidelines for 1/3 of the daily requirements for people over 60.   There is one entrée planned per day and cooking is designed to be low fat without any added salt. Meals can be chopped to accommodate chewing or swallowing problems. Each meal is served with bread, 1% milk and a delicious dessert. Fruit can be substituted for those experiencing diabetic issues.


The meals are prepared at the Brattleboro Senior Center and packed by volunteers into plastic coated paper containers, heat sealed with a Mylar Film. The meals are designed to be eaten when they are delivered although it is possible to reheat them at a later time in a microwave oven or a regular over at 200 F. Meal recipients are expected to be home to receive the meals. Most meals are delivered between 10:30 AM and 12 Noon. Meals can be left with a neighbor or picked up at the Senior Center in certain situations.


You may apply for the Meals on Wheels program by calling 257-1236 and answering some questions regarding your current situation or filling out the application and forwarding it.  You will be contacted as to your acceptance.


If you are under 60 and wish to apply for Meals on Wheels, you may contact Karin Nissan at  or 1-800 639 1522 to apply.


Download a .pdf version of our intake form.